Tomorrow is not promised…so…Live Now

Where does the time go? Yesterday I was a little bit younger. Days, weeks, months, and years ago I was doing something much different than what I’m doing now. Everybody is different, and that last sentence could be different for you, you could be doing the same thing. AĀ normal work, or conversational question of “hey how are you doing” is most times answered with “same s**t different day”. A little bit crude and cliche but a phrase that is well understood between people. Continue reading “Tomorrow is not promised…so…Live Now”


Baby Steps

It wasn’t easy learning how to walk. It wasn’t easy learning how to talk. And it wasn’t easy learning new rules. It was quite hard but for some reason we knew that it was possible, so we kept trying. We fell many times, but kept perusing, and eventually we began to walk good, and then we tried to run.
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