How to deal with anger and disappointments

Hindsight is truly 20/20. If I knew what I know now, back then, I would be in a better place mentally, physically, and financially. Sometimes, during self-reflection, I would get really focused on missed opportunities, or bad experiences. All of that time I spent mulling over the details of my failures, I could have used that time to plan and execute a plan for the future. But the future looks bright now and here is what I’ve learned.

Determine your train of thoughts

Sometimes feelings of anger and disappointment can dominate your train of thoughts. You have no choice but to watch and listen as it rolls in front of you. You have no choice but to relive and experience this moment in time. Even after this “train of thought” passes, and your allowed to get back on your path, it somehow still has an effect on you. We have all been there. Day dreaming about things from the past or current situations. Unintentionally, this exercise only puts us in a bad mood or kills our motivation.

When it comes to problems, situations, or dealing with difficult people, it’s important to remember to put things in perspective. Life will never be perfect, there will be good times and there will be bad times. But if we are to remain positive people, when bad things happen, take a deep breath and say “it’s only temporary, this situation will pass, and I will get back to living my life!” We can determine our train of thoughts through repetition and affirmations of positivity.

Take advantage of your misfortunes

What can you learn from this moment that will make you, a better you? If this situation happened again, how would you deal with it this time? As difficult as it may be, try to gain an understanding of what is happening, and why? By doing that, you can learn from your anger, disappointments, and failures. Your life will not be measured by what happens to you, but about how well you deal with whatever situation you are dealing with. Sometimes misfortune is an opportunity in disguise. Take a deeper look into the situation or your feelings to find answers.


Write down all of your feelings of anger, disappointments, and feelings onto a piece of paper. Get it all out, then, rip it up, crush it up, and let it go. After you’ve expressed those feelings, write down all of the positive feelings that you have and feed off of that. Because that’s what’s more important. When I write down all of the positives in my life, or about a situation, it puts things into perspective, and it puts me in a better mood to deal with it. Try it, what do you have to lose? Live Now or Forever Hold Your peace!


Author: Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

I am passionate about writing, business, personal development, and helping people live now or forever hold their peace. I'm interested in connecting with like minded peopleto share ideas with.

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