Traveling to London

Failing to plan, is planning to fail.  This is a lesson that I learned  on my second trip to London. Please, do your own research on top of what is discussed in this post. So far I’ve made credit card discoveries, cell phone epiphanies, and fell in love with London all over again.

If you have good credit and you travel at least once a year, you should invest in a credit card that will reward you with points towards a free flight. Another option is investing in a credit card that will cover car rental collision, no international transaction fees, and many other benefits that will benefit you on your travels.

Unfortunately I discovered that my bank could have offered me a credit card which would of covered my rental collision coverage, no international transaction fees, and a very good credit limit. I discovered all of this on the day I was traveling to London (Smh) Hindsight is 20/20. That credit card, BTW will be waiting for me when I get home. Talk with your bank to find out your options for credit cards. #lessonslearned

One of my concerns for my trip was getting around and not getting lost. I planned on renting a car and would need a GPS. On the day I was traveling I called my cell phone provider, Sprint, and discovered that I could use data and texting in London with no additional fees because it was part of my plan! Just call your provider and find out what options you have. This was key because instead of renting the GPS from the rental company for $150,  or uploading the Euro map on my GPS for $70, I could easily use Google maps for free. Google maps is more dependable, accurate,  and convenient than the latter in my opinion. Keep in mind that when you rent a car in London one of the hidden fees is the road tax.  At the time it was £1.65 per day, roughly $2.80 US. In all the car rental for 14 days will cost me under $400, not including gas! But as I said, it was convenient as hell. Especial if you plan on traveling outside of the city. I did not plan on driving into the city. I would have to pay congestion fees depending on when you go in there.

London is a great city, my wife and i had a great time here. And because it was our second trip we made time to see things that we didn’t have a chance to the see last time. We stayed in North London about 40 minutes away from the city. Which is the reason we rented the car. What I like most about London is the diversity, many different cultures to experience. I had fun at the pubs, sightseeing, parties and more.

If I knew what I know now I could have saved some money for this trip. London isn’t cheap to begin with so anyway you can save money, do it. For my next trip I will get a credit card that has the best travel benefits. Most of these cards will give you a lot of points in the first few months if you can spend a certain amount of money. Strategically, I would use that credit card to buy the plane tickets, rental cars and expenses on the trip to capitalize on the rewards. The world is a small place, if you get around to seeing it.

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