Day One_Re-Entering the Blogging World

Introducing myself and stating what my goals are for this blog.


Hello Blog World,

I’ve been neglecting you for quite some time. The world has changed and so have I. I started this blog 2 years ago with the hope of inspiring, and motivating not only myself but whoever needed or cared for it. I hoped to help as many people as I possibly could through this blog. Although I’m proud of every post, overall, I feel like I have failed. I failed because I wasn’t consistent, persistent, and I didn’t have faith in myself, the three things needed to be successful. So in hopes of reinvigorating my  dreams and hopes I will try again to reach my goals and do this the right way. I’m more focused, and the end goal is to become successful by successfully helping people.

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. – Les Brown

I’m passionate about business, motivation, traveling, and enjoying life. There are many other things that I hope to share with you as well. I’m very positive, determined, sociable, a fast learner and possess many other skills that you will witness one way or another through the proceeding or past posts. I am human and I make mistakes but I never let those mistakes hold me captive. There are no excuses except the ones you choose to accept. Knowledge is power, even though I graduated from college five years ago, I will forever be a student of life. I’m constantly learning new skills to prepare myself for opportunities.

This is me reintroducing myself once again. I’m officially hitting the reset button on this blog. Never be afraid to change while still staying the course. I am F.O.C.U.S (following one course until successful). I encourage you to do the same, and if you know someone who needs that sort of message, share that with them. Because if you truly help people to get ahead, one way or another you will get ahead yourself. You will also feel really good about it along the way as well.

The blog world and blogging intrigues me because it allows someone like me to have a voice and it opens doors to opportunities to promote positive, inspiring, and motivating content to the whole entire world. To add value to the people who elect to follow my blog or even to like or share my posts. I support my fellow bloggers in all categories who tell a different story. I love to connect with like minded or goal minded people from all different backgrounds. We are all human and we are all sharing with one another valuable content. There is a plan, and sharing and helping people is my first step. You can expect one blog post for the first 30 days, that will be my fist step at consistency, wish me luck. I will hold myself accountable.

There is no holding back. The situation will never be perfect for one to make a move. Even if you don’t think you are ready, you’re already too late. Even when you are late, it’s the perfect time to take action.

Every morning that you wake up, it’s time to… Live now, or Forever Hold your Peace!

Check out my first post, Starting Now, that I made on this blog over 2 years ago! I’ve come a long way.

Author: Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

I am passionate about writing, business, personal development, and helping people live now or forever hold their peace. I'm interested in connecting with like minded peopleto share ideas with.

9 thoughts on “Day One_Re-Entering the Blogging World”

  1. Amazing! I am also starting up my blog again. It’s been ages since I’ve written, OR even read anyone’s blog. Yours was second in line today–meant to be! 🙂 Congratulations on restarting!

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