Day Six_ What are the Different Motivation Types?

At some point in time after you’ve started a business, you’ll have to hire employees. Learning the different types of motivation will be important for the morale and success of your company. According to Merriam-Webster, motivation is a force or influence that causes someone to do something. We are all motivated in some form or fashion.

Incentive Motivation

If there is no incentive, your employees will not be productive. The only reason I go to work is to get paid so that I can pay the bills. Another form of incentive would be bonuses or a promotion. Provide a compressive incentive to motivate your workers.

Fear Motivation

Fear of negative consequences is also a type of motivation. Staying with the prior example, I go to work and I have incentive to show up and do my job and the fear of losing my job will motivate me to maintain my performance. The success of the company lie in part on the employees, this should motivate them to do well so that they have a job to go to.

Achievement Motivation

There is also the motivation to receive some recognition from your boss or supervisor. This may not happen often but every employee would like a “good job” now and then. It would motivate them to continue the good work.

Growth Motivation

Another form of motivation comes from within, the motivation to self improve. In my spare time I am constantly learning new skills to improve myself and prepare for any opportunity that may come my way.

Power Motivation

Some employees are motivated to climb the ladder to gain more power and control over their lives and others. I’m motivated to become my own boss, that’s real power.

Social Motivation

This last motivation would drive an employee to maximize their abilities with the intention to make a difference in the lives of others. For me I’m working hard to consistently provide a post everyday that provides value to somebody.

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6 Types of Motivation Explained


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