Day Eight_Daily Prompt: City – Motivation

We all love our respected city from where we dig our roots into. That city holds a special place in our hearts. After traveling for a week or two, there’s a little sigh of relief when we arrive back home. If you’re into sports, you root for your respected teams to bring home the championships. You also wear athletic sportswear to represent your city. From afar, you marvel at the skyline of your city during the day or night. It’s something special isn’t it? Your city has many layers to it, and if you dig deep enough there is plenty to do. There are plenty of ways to find motivation in your city!

Building a Foundation

This is where you will make a living, provide and grow a family, and someday leave your legacy behind. Every city has a rich history behind it, and that history started with a dream. A dream is the foundation of every success or development. You too must set a firm foundation before building something special. If you build a strong enough foundation, what you create will last for generations.!

Creating a Community

The life line of every city is people, and the businesses that they create. There are many opportunities to connect and network with a diverse group of people. People from all over the world end up in different cities. We must all work together to help others achieve their goals because in the end you will benefit as well. Attend Meet-ups, and other networking events like Event Brite in and around your city that interest you. You never know, you may meet a co-founder for your future business!

Construction Worker 3

Build & Expand

Cities all over the world are constantly building and evolving. They create new attractions, and continue to fix roads, and adapt to the ever-advancing technology. Use this motivation to innovate in your life as well. Improve upon old blogs, connect with new people, and improve upon and strengthen the skills that you already have.

Cherish Your City

I see my city in view, and my city looks awesome. . Look at your city and dream about how you will leave an impact here. Whether you never leave your city at all, or you end up moving, your city will always be apart of you. They will always hold memories

Memories don’t live like people do, they will always remember you, whether things  are good or bad. It’s just the memories that you have. – Beenie Man (Reggae Artist)

I’d be interested to know what city you are representing. Please leave a comment below. I’ll start by saying Boston in the house. Hello and welcome to all!

Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Daily Prompt: City


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