Day 12_How to Celebrate Small Victories

Enjoy the journey that you are on!


You finally did it! You gained courage, conquered fear, took action and you won a small battle in the “big war” for reaching your goals. What do you do know? Celebrate that small victory, understand what worked, and move on to the next.

On the road to your ultimate goals, you will accomplish many small goals along the way. And it’s important to celebrate those small victories because the real fun is the journey towards your goals. Enjoy the process and celebrate each and every goal along the way.

After you celebrate, learn what really worked for you and continue to do it. Become great at the things that give you the most results. Also you can learn from the things that didn’t work too well and eliminate them. Enjoy and look forward to becoming the person that you want to be.

Move On
Finally you want to remember why you are doing this and continue on with your journey. Let the celebration fuel you to accomplish more. Your main goal will one day be reached, but you must complete these small goals along the way. Stay positive because as long as you are doing things that get you closer to your goals, you are doing the right things.

Take Aways
We all have different ways to celebrate small victories. For me a nice drink is a good reward. A healthier alternative is to go to the gym and get a good workout in. In my mind I congratulate, and celebrate my small wins. How do you celebrate your small victories? Comment below because I’d be interested to know.

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And remember to…Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

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