Day_16 Dreaming Out Loud pt. 2


In this episode of Dreaming Out Loud, I take you on a small tour of my dream house. It’s important to get very detailed with your dreams. You can go even further and figure out how much it would cost to afford your dreams. Doing this will help you figure out “HOW” you will reach these dreams.


I pull into the driveway with my sleek black mustang and park next to my wife’s two door black Maserati. There’s a smile on my face because I’m grateful for everything that I have and I know the hard work that I put in to reach this point. My home is very cozy and not too extravagant. I walk through the front door to a spacious, high ceiling living room to the left and a nice dinning room with a very stylish chandelier to the right. Each room is fully equipped with everything that you could need. As I continue to walk into the kitchen even Gordon Ramsay would be impressed with the layout and style of this kitchen. I grab an orange out of the fruit basket as I head outside and step onto the grass and gaze upon the beautiful pool with a Jacuzzi.By The Pool

I’m tempted to take a dip but decline to do so because I have to check up on my businesses and I can always go later. Not too far from the pool is the half basketball court, where I continue to sharpen my skills. When I host cookouts or invite friends over we participate in some serious competitive games, it’s a lot of fun.

Computer, Notebook, Coffee

I head back inside and up stairs toward my office. Inside is a nice polished small desk with my laptop on it. The office is very laid back, open space, organized and clean. This is where all the magic happens. This is where I continue to create products and services for the many people who need it. Every room is equipped with WiFi ready speakers so that when I am ready to meditate or just relax I can put on any type of music I like and focus on the task. I can’t help but look around this room and appreciate what I have.

To Be Continued…Click here for part 1!

Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!


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