Day_18 Small Victory of Likes

Be grateful for the small things in life.


As discussed in a prior post of mine, I talked about celebrating your small victories. I like to practice what I teach so here’s a “victory post” for 100 likes! I know this may seem like a very small feat considering that some bloggers can get 100 likes from one post! I am not that lucky yet, but I do appreciate getting to this number overall. This I hope is only the beginning as I plan to continue to grow as a writer, motivator, and through networking to inspire people to set and achieve their goals.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”  —- Oprah Winfrey

Thank You Cake

First off, I’d like to thank all of you who have liked my posts. I started blogging over 2 years ago and although it’s taken me a long time to reach 100 likes, due to my inactivity, I am still grateful and happy to have received each and every one. I cherish every like and comment and I look forward to receiving many more likes. This is starting to feel like my birthday!

3 People Jumping

The true gift is the feeling you get when someone likes or comments on your post. I would hope that they liked it because it resonated with them and that they really found value in what I said. The likes and comments keep me going, and I enjoy checking out the pages of the bloggers’ that like my posts. This blog is about motivation, inspiration, and achieving goals. This small victory of 100 likes is huge and I know that there is even bigger to come. I’ll continue to post more valuable info, insights, and memories on this journey.

Thanks again, and don’t forget to…

Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!


Author: Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

I am passionate about writing, business, personal development, and helping people live now or forever hold their peace. I'm interested in connecting with like minded peopleto share ideas with.

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