Winning Mentality

Short motivational paragraph.


Having a winning mentality begins with the hard work that you put in to achieve your goals. As you begin to “check off” your small goals, you start to gain momentum. Momentum builds your confidence which leads to a winning mentality. Use this winning mentality, no matter how many setbacks you may come across, to turn dreams into reality. It is possible, and you can do it.

Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

3 Ways to Find Your Zone of Productivity

Let’s stop procrastinating!

Procrastination is one of everybody’s worst enemy. It keeps us away from achieving our goals. We feel guilty when we realize that we should be doing so much more. But there is something that we can do about it.

Create a to-do-list every morning

This will allow you to actually see what needs to be done. Subconsciously it gets embedded in your mind and you’ll be more inclined to get it done.


After you’ve written down your goals for the day, it’s time to mentally amp yourself up to get it done. This can be attained through autosuggestion. Autosuggestion is the repetition of verbal statements to oneself in order to change behavior.

Focus on one task at a time

Sometimes we try to do too many things at once to amass many accomplishments at one time. But focusing on one task at a time is more productive


Try these three steps towards a more productive day. Accomplish as many small goals in the day as you can. What helps you to become more productive? Please share and comment below.

Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Accomplishments, Lessons, & Goals

What I learned on my way towards my first blogging goal.

Approximately 7 weeks ago I set a goal for myself. I wanted to publish a post each day for 30 days, unfortunately I was unsuccessful. See the first post here.  Although I did not accomplish that goal, it’s important to own up to failures, reassess and try again. That is exactly what I intend to do. This post will show what I accomplished, what I learn, and what I intend to do next.

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up. – Les Brown

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Day_21 Movie Night: Become What You Love

Movies can motivate too!

Have you ever watched a movie and felt inspired to do better in your life? You ever watch a movie and took away some things that you could implement in your daily activities? I love watching movies and I’ve watched probably hundreds of movies by now. Nightcrawler is one of my favorite movies that has inspired me. Don’t worry, no spoilers here… 

“If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket” Lou Bloom, Nightcrawler

First off I do not condone all of the actions of the main character in this movie because he sometimes uses force, deceit, and violence to accomplish his goals. With that said, he does show persistence, determination, and faith in his abilities which is what’s needed to be successful. 

He failed at many attempts to find a job but then he stumbled on something that he knows he can do well. Even though he did not have experience in this field he did the best thing possible, he just started. He educated himself in that field, and he physically did the job that he wanted from day one, and you know what, he eventually became very good at it. He began to thrive in this field until he became an expert at it.

After watching this movie I said to myself, why not me? I can do what I love to do and become an expert at it. I can physically start doing this”thing” immediately. You don’t have to wait until you’re ready, you are ready now. Pick up the tools and education you need to start and go at it. Just work hard at improving yourself and the tools that you have. 

Remember, don’t hurt anybody, be good, and help others. That is truly rewarding.

Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Check out the trailer below… And be sure to check back in at another time, I’ll be highlighting another inspirational movie in the next post!

Is there a movie that has inspired you, comment below, I might have seen that movie.

Day _20 Play the Underdog Role Towards Your Goals

It’s not so bad to be the Underdog…

After watching the video below, I was inspired to write this post. Everybody likes a good underdog story because it gives you hope that it could be you. You were given a bad hand but you willed your way to victory. I love when people doubt me because it fuels me to not only prove them wrong, but to prove to myself that I can do it. Check it out… Continue reading “Day _20 Play the Underdog Role Towards Your Goals”