You are the Seed for your Future

You are the seed of your future.


It’s dark and I can’t see…..

I feel like I’m surrounded by dirt…….

Every now and then I’m fed water and I get stronger………

I feel like there’s hope because I can feel the sunlight and it makes me grow…….

Just when I was about to give up I finally break free! Freedom, and fresh air, and now the sky is the limit……

Plants come from seeds. Each seed contains a tiny plant waiting for the right conditions to germinate, or start to grow. (

Living In The Dark

Who doesn’t love the sun. It brings the best out of everyone. It puts people in a good mood and it encourages outdoor activities. But living in the dark people can become depressed, lazy, and unmotivated. Boooo! Mentally, living in the dark can stop you from achieving your goals. There’s a seed of hope and dreams that live inside of you, wanting to grow and evolve. Don’t bury it too deep, add water, and nurture that hidden potential.“Drink Water, Feed Your Mind”

Your Current Situation

A seed is surrounded by dirt, worms, and bugs. No matter how bad you think your situation is right now, you still have a lot of good in your life that would probably outnumber the bad if you think about it. No, really think about and write them down you’ll be surprised. Take comfort in knowing that despite the bad, you still have all this good in your life. This helps when you get in that “everything is bad” zone. Everything is all good! That seed needs healthy soil, water, and warmth to grow. We are in control of what our surroundings are. We have the ability to make changes, to better our growth possibilities.

Preparing For The Future

You ever wonder how someone can win the lottery, and lose it all? It’s because they won a large amount of money unexpectedly and they couldn’t handle it mentally. That’s why it’s important to see yourself in the position you want to be in mentally so that when it happens, it’s a piece of cake.

During its early stages of growth, the seedling relies upon the food supplies stored with it in the seed until it is large enough for its own leaves to begin making food through photosynthesis. (

Right now you are  a seed and you have everything that you need already inside of you to reach your goals and dreams. Once you emerge from your shell, you will begin to benefit from all of the hard work that you put in.

You Have What It Takes

We are all seeds that, with the right care, will blossom into beautiful creations. Every seed has hopes and aspirations of becoming something big. Inside that little seed is a dreamer and a ruler who combined together can create wonderful things that can change the world. Yes! It is true and it is possible, no matter what situation you are in right now. Destiny and fate work together sometimes to align the moon and stars just for you. Yes especially you! Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

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Live now or Forever Hold Your Peace!


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