Celebrating Small Victories – 100 Followers

Thank you! I’m very proud and grateful for 100 followers who took the time to read, comment, like, and follow my blog. I plan to continue to write great content and take this blog to the next level.

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting” – Unknown

I started this blog over two years ago and it’s been a great journey so far. You really get what you put in. The first two years I didn’t post as much and I didn’t connect with the community. Within the last three months I’ve set goals for this blog which resulted in more posts and more involvement with other bloggers. The results show for themselves. I’m more familiar with other bloggers’ sites, I’ve received over 100 likes, and I’m 100 followers richer. But it’s not about the numbers, it’s about putting out good content that readers can relate, be entertained by, or learn something from.

I’ve thought about quitting before but then I remembered my goals and why I wanted to accomplish them. It’s taken some time to reach 100 followers, but as mentioned before, I wasn’t putting in the work to reach 100 followers. Now that I know what it takes to reach more people, I must continue on this path until successful. I look forward to reaching out to more people, sharing what I know, and hopefully helping as many people as possible.

Once again, thank you!


Author: Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

I am passionate about writing, business, personal development, and helping people live now or forever hold their peace. I'm interested in connecting with like minded peopleto share ideas with.

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