Day_18 Small Victory of Likes

Be grateful for the small things in life.


As discussed in a prior post of mine, I talked about celebrating your small victories. I like to practice what I teach so here’s a “victory post” for 100 likes! I know this may seem like a very small feat considering that some bloggers can get 100 likes from one post! I am not that lucky yet, but I do appreciate getting to this number overall. This I hope is only the beginning as I plan to continue to grow as a writer, motivator, and through networking to inspire people to set and achieve their goals.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”  —- Oprah Winfrey

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Day _17 Dreaming Out Loud pt. 3

So far I’m enjoying writing down my dreams. I’ve describe the type of life I’m living, and showed you a part of my dream home. Now it’s time to wrap up this dream by showing you the rest of the house and showing you the overall picture of this vision! You can’t achieve your dreams if you don’t know what your dreams look and feel like.

The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Day_16 Dreaming Out Loud pt. 2


In this episode of Dreaming Out Loud, I take you on a small tour of my dream house. It’s important to get very detailed with your dreams. You can go even further and figure out how much it would cost to afford your dreams. Doing this will help you figure out “HOW” you will reach these dreams.

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Day _15 Dreaming Out Loud

Writing down big dreams…

As I mentioned in the prior post, this is my dream life that I will be describing. This takes place in a warm tropical destination, ten years from now.

Sunny Road


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Day _14 How to Inspire Yourself?

Write down your dreams

You can dream, without sleeping. How you may ask? It’s called thinking about and envisioning your desires. In my opinion, that’s all a dream is. Your brain is subconsciously thinking and painting pictures in your head while you sleep.

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Day 12_How to Celebrate Small Victories

Enjoy the journey that you are on!

You finally did it! You gained courage, conquered fear, took action and you won a small battle in the “big war” for reaching your goals. What do you do know? Celebrate that small victory, understand what worked, and move on to the next.
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Day Eleven_Plant Seeds of Success

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Day Ten_ Fight Through the Obstacles

Sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything on a given day that works towards your goals. It happens we are all human. On this day, I wasn’t feeling 100% healthy and there was little motivation to contribute to this blog that I promised myself to do. I said No, I will not give up. I must do something. So I decided to write this poem. Enjoy! Continue reading “Day Ten_ Fight Through the Obstacles”

Day Nine_11 Skills that Entrepreneurs Master Video

Check out this informative and inspirational video by Patrick Bet David!

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