Thank you for 200 Likes

Celebrate the small things in life, it will add up to something big!


About three months ago I celebrated 100 likes and now I have 100 more to bring me to a total of 200 very appreciative likes. It took me almost 2 years to reach only 100 likes with limited effort and no plan. Since then, in three months, with goals and a plan I was able to earn 100 likes! Continue reading “Thank you for 200 Likes”

Day _14 How to Inspire Yourself?

Write down your dreams

You can dream, without sleeping. How you may ask? It’s called thinking about and envisioning your desires. In my opinion, that’s all a dream is. Your brain is subconsciously thinking and painting pictures in your head while you sleep.

Why is this important? It’s important because you can create your own dream, passion, or vision while you are awake. Continue reading “Day _14 How to Inspire Yourself?”

Day Eleven_Plant Seeds of Success

It’s dark and I can’t see….. I feel like I’m surrounded by dirt……. Every now and then I’m fed water and I get stronger……… I feel like there’s hope because I can feel the sunlight and it makes me grow……. Just when I was about to give up I finally break free! Freedom, and fresh air, and now the sky is the limit…….I’m a seed. Continue reading “Day Eleven_Plant Seeds of Success”

Day Nine_11 Skills that Entrepreneurs Master Video

Check out this informative and inspirational video by Patrick Bet David!

It’s videos like theses that keep me on track. Continue reading “Day Nine_11 Skills that Entrepreneurs Master Video”

Day Eight_Daily Prompt: City – Motivation

We all love our respected city from where we dig our roots into. That city holds a special place in our hearts. After traveling for a week or two, there’s a little sigh of relief when we arrive back home. If you’re into sports, you root for your respected teams to bring home the championships. You also wear athletic sportswear to represent your city. From afar, you marvel at the skyline of your city during the day or night. It’s something special isn’t it? Your city has many layers to it, and if you dig deep enough there is plenty to do. There are plenty of ways to find motivation in your city! Continue reading “Day Eight_Daily Prompt: City – Motivation”

Day Seven _ Staying on the Right Route to Your Dreams

GPS to Your Dreams

We all make our own route to the goals that we want. But it helps to know what your next step is. The path to success has already been paved by someone before you, but each person is different and there is always an alternative route to reach the same destination. Use somebody else’s path as a guide to your own. You will reach there!

Searching for satellite signal… Continue reading “Day Seven _ Staying on the Right Route to Your Dreams”

Day Five _ Video of Inspiration

3 Tips from Daniel Ally

Success is about self expression. Be and do what you want to do as long as it is good and helps people. You have to believe in yourself. This will lead you to being “self-made”. What are your dreams?  I know this is one of mine… Very inspirational!

Check out this video by Daniel Ally on TEDx…. Continue reading “Day Five _ Video of Inspiration”

Day Three _ How to Stick to your Goals

I used to be a procrastinator, and sometimes I relapse. I used to not have any goals at all, but now I do. Denzel Washington said, “dreams without goals will remain dreams.” I’m sure that we all have dreams, but it’s the goals, and the actions we take, that starts the process of achieving those dreams. Sticking to your goals is very important to your happiness. Continue reading “Day Three _ How to Stick to your Goals”