Moving on to Better Things



He’s Alive! Yes I am. I once was lost, but now I’m found. Where have I been? What can I say but, life happens. Life is full of obstacles, barriers, good and bad. Sometimes when your on track towards your goals, you can become derailed. But we either stay defeated, or overcome. I once again see the path, and am ready to go full steam ahead. No regrets, no excuses.

What’s New?

I’m moving this site to a new home, This is just part of the plan to achieve my goals, a way to add more value to my readers. A place where readers and I can call home. It won’t be perfect yet, but it will be an honest effort to provide content, valuable resources, and products. This is what progress is all about. Trying new things and becoming uncomfortable to encourage growth.

So if you follow me now, you should receive all of my new posts from the new site. The plan is to post at least once a week to start and we’ll see what happens. I’m practicing what I preach and learning as I go.

Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Visit the new website here.

3 Ways to Find Your Zone of Productivity

Let’s stop procrastinating!

ā€‹Procrastination is one of everybody’s worst enemy. It keeps us away from achieving our goals. We feel guilty when we realize that we should be doing so much more. But there is something that we can do about it.

Create a to-do-list every morning

This will allow you to actually see what needs to be done. Subconsciously it gets embedded in your mind and you’ll be more inclined to get it done.


After you’ve written down your goals for the day, it’s time to mentally amp yourself up to get it done. This can be attained through autosuggestion. Autosuggestion is the repetition of verbal statements to oneself in order to change behavior.

Focus on one task at a time

Sometimes we try to do too many things at once to amass many accomplishments at one time. But focusing on one task at a time is more productive


Try these three steps towards a more productive day. Accomplish as many small goals in the day as you can. What helps you to become more productive? Please share and comment below.

Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!